Experience the ultimate bike fit

Giant PowerFit powered by WattBike is a unique bike fitting system - using the scientific accuracy, authentic ride feel and custom technique of WattBike to ensure your bike-fit is optimised for power, speed, comfort and control.

The correct size bike is essental for safety and comfort, but a professional bike-fit takes this to a whole new level - improving comfort, reducing the risk of injury and increasing performance.

PowerFit is the only bike-fit system that uses WattBike's proprietary Polar View technology - with accurate power measurement of the entire pedal stroke of both your left and right leg, to improve pedalling technique, balance, efficiency and power through the perfect fit.

Get the PowerFit difference in store today - contact us now to book a PowerFit session.

We service all bike brands

Looking for a bike service in the North East? Look no further - we'll keep your bike in tip-top condition. At the Giant Store Newcastle we're cycling experts and our skilled bike mechanics work in a modern well equipped workshop at our store in Prudhoe.

Our roots lie in the workshop and our expertise is honed through years of experience. We only ever carry out necessary work and we will give you a quotation before commencing, we use the best parts, tools & maintenance products and we treat every bike as if it was our own - before a bike leaves our workshop we want it to be running as good as new.

We service all types of bicycles, not just Giants. From a wheel true to a major overhaul or frameset build up, we do it all. So call in today or contact us to book an appointment

Caring for our environment

At Giant Store Newcastle we understand the importance of protecting our environment - as cyclists we are committed to reducing our impact. We ensure all waste metals are recycled as well as waste packaging wherever possible and we use a self-contained bio-remediating parts cleaning system for degreasing and cleaning parts - to ensure no nasty fluids go down the drain and into the eco-system.


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