Giant Newcastle is proud to offer expert bike fitting services to help you achieve a comfortable, efficient, and powerful ride.

What is a Bike Fit?

A bike fit is all about optimising your bike's setup for your body and riding style. It's not about forcing you into an uncomfortable, aggressive position just for speed. A good fit should strike the perfect balance between:

  • Performance: Maximize your power output and efficiency.
  • Safety: Maintain good control of your bike for confident riding.
  • Comfort: Reduce aches, pains, and numbness for enjoyable rides.

Who Can Benefit from a Bike Fit?

Anyone who rides a bike can benefit from a professional fitting! Here are some signs a fit might be right for you:

  • You experience discomfort while riding.
  • You struggle to maintain certain positions (drops, reaching levers).
  • You experience cramps, numbness, or pain in your feet or other areas.
  • You want to improve your cycling efficiency.
  • You're recovering from or want to prevent injuries.
  • You ride regularly and want to maximise your enjoyment.

What to Expect During Your Bike Fit:

We prioritise using your own bike for the fitting, as that's what you'll be riding. Once your bike is set up and we understand your riding goals and experience, we'll begin assessing your position through observation and measurements.

Remember: There's no one-size-fits-all approach to bike fitting. We'll tailor the session to your unique needs and body type. The process may involve cleat adjustments, analyzing your pedaling form, or addressing any specific concerns you have.

What a Bike Fit is NOT:

  • A fitness test: We're not here to judge your experience or equipment.
  • A sales pitch: We focus on optimizing your current setup, and can advise on upgrades only if needed.
  • A jargon-filled session: We use clear, helpful language to explain everything.

Invest in Yourself and Your Ride:

A bike fitting is an investment in your cycling enjoyment and performance. Let our experts help you unlock your full potential on the bike.

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